Tube Amps that are HAND MADE One At a Time in the USA

At ELECTRIC AMP, USA we Aim for High Quality !

REAL TURRET BOARDS for TRUE HARDWIRE. No PCB's are allowed in our Shop !

EVERY Electric Amp Unit is constructed on our EA-USA all US Steel Chassis
Made in DETROIT MICHIGAN, USA, then powder coated in Saranac MICHIGAN !

10 Years Experience Repairing/Modifying/Testing Brand New Amps right out of box to do the basics created the reason to do it from scratch. Most of all, for a lifetime of Pro Audio Performance without hassles.  Simplicity like the greats, Mathias, Reeves, Joyce, Marshall.

It is awesome to wrench on genuine craftmanship.  This is a level of quality
that expensive and timely to produce. Pros in every industry are serious about about their tools.  If you take your music serious, this is your tool.

Play the American Dream Amplifier built by Individuals that Care about Quality and Tone.

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